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iM Sports is dedicated to giving athletes everywhere the quality they deserve including our iM Sports Sleeves with Made in USA quality. Nothing is sold in our store unless it’s been researched and tested by our team of experts. We work to bring you the best so you can Compete – Anytime – Anywhere – Anyplace! Take a look at the top notch gear we offer here!


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What is Your Passion?

At iM Sports we believe in the power of each individual athlete. An athlete is anyone that competes or strives to get better. We are all athletes looking for an edge that will help us improve our game. iM Sports works to give you that edge in everything we do. Our iM Sports Sleeves are second to none. They block 98% of harmful UV rays (40-50+ UVB), wick away moisture, can get wet without any issues and are so comfortable you’ll forget you have them on. iM Sports Sleeves also provide mild continuous compression so you can perform at peak levels and our sleeves are proudly MADE IN THE USA!

iM Sports believes everyone has the right to compete and that’s why we donate a portion of our proceeds from the sales of our sports sleeves and gear to causes we believe in like the global Special Olympics movement and the Skin Cancer Foundation. We’ve always worked hard to give back to the communities we serve and our staff members all regularly donate their time to volunteer at local charities.

What is your passion… baseball, basketball, football, running, cycling, tennis, golf? Each athlete is an individual but all athletes are part of the whole that is sports… iM Sports. Take a look at our sports sleeves and the premium gear we offer here and get the edge you need to compete.

Choose Your Sport and Pursue Your Passion!

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