iM Sports Compression Sleeves Rock!

Sports compression sleeves are worn by thousands of athletes everyday for a myriad of reasons. The purpose of compression is to help improve blood flow or circulation to your muscles while you are working out. Sports compression sleeves have also been known to reduce swelling, aid in the prevention of cramping and help athletes recover more quickly from a tough workout or recent injury. To some degree wearing a compression sleeve is like adding an exoskeleton around your arm or leg that helps protect it from excessive wear and tear. Compression sleeves can't prevent injury but they have been known to aid with the rehabilitation process and are often recommended by physical therapists.


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iM Sports Compression Sleeves provide mild and continuous compression that can help improve blood flow, reduce swelling and aid in the prevention of cramping. They also provide excellent protection from the elements by blocking 98% of harmful UV rays (40-50+ UVB). The wick away fabric blend will keep you cool in the heat and the "no slip" elastic gripper at the top of each sleeve helps to keep them firmly in place during the most rigorous of activities. Our iM Sports Compression Sleeves are proudly made in the USA because we believe in American Made Quality!

7 Good Reasons To Wear iM Sports Compression Sleeves:

  1. Mild Continuous Compression - Improves Circulation
  2. Wick Away Moisture Fabric - Stay Dry Weave
  3. Block 98% of Harmful UV Rays - Great Sun Protection
  4. Tagless Comfort Design - No Itchy Tags
  5. Stay Cool in The Heat - Up to 7 F Degrees Cooler
  6. Reduce Next Day Soreness - Less Lactic Acid Build Up
  7. Look Cool Period!

See why iM Sports Sleeves are the premium brand for athletes everywhere. We've been perfecting our sleeves since 2008 and are proud to help athletes get an edge!

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