iM Sports Reviews and Customer Comments

iM Sports Sleeves are proudly Made in the USA and the quality shows! You'll be hard pressed to find a better sleeve out there. Here's a small sample of what our customers have shared with us...

"I just purchased a white set of 3/4 sleeves and used them on a 1,500 mile bike trip. The weather was sunny and hot throughout the trip. I used the sleeves while riding and they actually made my arms feel cool by blocking the sun and allowing air flow to reach my skin. This is an excellent product!"
Cyclist, Springfield, Illinois

"I am self-conscious about my upper arms and wear the iM Sports Sleeves under a short sleeved yoga uniform while working out. Before I discovered this product I used a makeshift sleeve that I continually had to pull down to cover my arms. This is no longer a problem. Also, the sleeves are comfortable to wear. I highly recommend this outstanding product."
Yoga Instructor, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I'm a distance runner and this is the perfect way to protect my skin during long training runs. I'm in the middle of getting some cosmetic treatments on my upper arm and am not allowed to get ANY sun on the treated area. It was a real pain to have to carry sunscreen and stop constantly to reapply it -- but now I just put these sleeves on and go! They stay in position no matter how sweaty I get and are very lightweight and breathable. Washes & dries quickly (I hand wash them along with my running gear). If you're an athlete and outside a lot, you will love this product."
Distance Runner, Vancouver, BC

"This product is exactly as advertised. 100% satisfied! I have two colors and will soon be ordering more. iM Sports Sleeves are very durable and very comfortable in the summer heat. Thanks for a superior product at a fair price!!!"
Golfer, Orlando, Florida

"What can you say about perfection? I have a problem with my left leg, these iM Sports Sleeve make it go away. No slip at the top even in the Florida summer while power walking. Don't think twice, just buy! Best compression leg sleeve ever(and I have tried many)"
Power Walker, Tampa, Florida

"Finally replacing the one I've been wearing for three years! They are amazing!"
Baseball Pitcher, Baltimore, Maryland

"I live in Florida and work with melanoma patients. I am adamant about sun protection. And I am a triathlete. The sun is brutal and these sleeves are awesome! I swim bike and run in them. They have a cooling effect plus sun protection. I bought the white iM Sports sleeves to reflect the sun. I cannot say enough about them! If you are skeptical, don't be. I even wear them while driving for sun protection."
Triathlete, Tampa, Florida

"The fit is great. I have very small wrists/forearms and the XS/S size fits perfectly. They are also very comfortable, as I was worried about the material irritating my skin but that is not the case at all. Also, they do not slide down my arm so I am not having to constantly worry about pulling them up. I would highly encourage people to purchase this product."
Cyclist, Boulder, Colorado

"I have tried other sleeves and they are no-where near as comfortable. I am allergic to almost everything, the material used is breathable and protects my skin from the sun and other elements, and DOESN'T irritate my skin. When I take them off I just throw them in the washer, I let mine air dry, and no stains, I LOVE IT. In the summer I'm constantly in the sun, other sleeves have allowed the sun to penetrate, NOT iM Sports sleeves. When you slide them up your arm they STAY, no uncomfortable adjusting to keep them on."
Distance Runner, Oxnard, California

"I purchased several iM Sports Sleeves in the past and they have held up well for about 2 years now. You have an excellent product. Thanks!"
Fitness Instructor, Jersey City, New Jersey

"I've tried a bunch of different brands and iM Sports has more colors and sizes than anyone else. I got Laker purple because I'm a Laker for life even if they stink this year! The sleeve fits great and I sometimes forget it's even on. I play on a couple of YMCA league teams."
YMCA Basketball League, Saginaw, Michigan

"I have several close friends who've had skin cancer and I love these sleeves because I don't have to deal with lotions or sprays. I just slip them on and I'm good to go all day long! Just make sure you get the right size. I got the white but I might get the pink iM Sports sleeves for my wife who's also a golfer."
Golfer, Chandler, Arizona